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"I would like to thank Paulette for the wonderful advice and instructions she gave my husband and I. Following what she told us to do step by step regarding our personal business enabled us to get a tax refund for the first time in over 13 years. We are still following the plan she set up for us with great success and we are able to pull ourselves up even more and our credit scores have increased. If you do what she tells you and follow the plan, you will surely see prosperous results. She's able to pull out of you what you may not even KNOW is in you!! I strongly suggest to any and everyone to take at least one of her classes, If nothing more than for a financial check-up. The information you gather is priceless.

- L. Stern

"I have been working with Paulette for over a year now and she has taught me how to manage my money and how to build my business.She is very knowledgeable and she is very serious about helping you manage your finances and getting ahead. Please take her class you will not be disappointed and you will leave with a new MINDSET about your money."

- L. Beach, CEO/Owner,Lehashira Hair Restoration Studio LLC

 "Ms. Paulette has given us excellent counseling advise in purchasing a new home. Her expertise as a financial consultant and real estate agent is very well deserved. We really appreciate all the work that she put into helping us reach our goal. My wife and I are now the proud owners of the house of our dreams !

- R. Harley


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